İznik Tiles in İstanbul
a self guide
İznİk tiles in İstanbul
A Self-Guide
Edda Renker Weissenbacher

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Never before has there been a handbook like this. Edda’s new guide leads you to mosques and museums, hamams and harems, on both sides of the Bosphorus, to appreciate the greatest ceramic tiles ever made—the unique craftsmanship that reached its pinnacle in 16th century Iznik (ancient Nicaea). Edda has spent years exploring the boulevards and backstreets of Istanbul, making discoveries and doing follow-up research that she enthusiastically shares with friends and readers.
Her previous book, Kariye: The CHORA CHURCH, published in 1999, is a helpful step-by-step guide to that Byzantine artistic masterpiece. This new book is yet another gift to everyone who loves Turkey and its treasures.

Kathleen Brandes
Writer and editor, Maine, U.S.A.